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We believe that by creating and distributing educational documentaries locally, and across the world, we can:


1) Empower the feeling of citizenship and patriotism among Lebanese citizens.

2) Highlight the value of Lebanon’s special and unique sites, and establish awareness within the local communities as to the importance of their preservation. 

3) Portray an authentic and unbiased documented historical, geographical, and culinary audio-visual reference for Lebanon that will be a reference for the future generations.

4) Make Lebanon transcend the negative images it has inherited from past generations of conflicts.

5) Contribute to the rebirth of the economy in Lebanon by promoting tourism.




Whether you are of a Lebanese descent or an admirer of the Lebanese cuisine, these 75 filmed step by step recipes are essential to your collection to save the secrets of these traditional delicacies and allow future generations to embrace them.

Traditional Lebanese home cooking is an intense expression of love and care in a home.

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